Personal Training

The purpose of personal training is to help a client achieve goals that are as varied as the people who hire personal trainers. The training service starts when the trainer designs a personalized program for a client or updates an existing program. The trainer develops the program and then supervises the clients’ progress toward the goal. In addition to providing fitness knowledge, the trainer evaluates progress, and motivates the client to continue with the fitness plan. The trainer also updates the plan as the client advances toward the goal.


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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a series of powerful, vigorous movements that gradually increase one’s heart rate.


Zumba is a fitness program that integrates high cardio and Latin-inspired dance, led by a Zumba certified instructor.

Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness is extremely helpful in preventing or significantly delaying common health issues that come with age. Participating in senior fitness as an older adult can help strengthen the muscles, to be able to do day-to-day duties without heavily relying on others.


Yoga is a physical discipline that primarily focuses on centering the mind, body, and soul by going through a series of postures, practicing breathing exercises, and usually ending with guided meditation. 


Stretching is imperative to not only increase flexibility, but to improve and maintain mobility to comfortably execute day-to-day activities such as sitting, standing, walking, driving, etc. 

Youth Fitness

Involving children in youth fitness is important, to establish good habits that can prevent future health issues. Avoiding habits that contribute to issues such as obesity, depression, and social anxiety sets children ahead in the future. 

Body Building

Bodybuilding is a competitive physical activity that involves strenuous exercise to strengthen and overall grow the muscles of the body. 

Sweat Box Sauna Workout

Recover Like Never Before
Infrared light is fantastic for after your workout. Post-exercise infrared sauna sessions have been shown to promote muscle recovery, reduce stiffness or tension and get rid of any performance inhibiting toxins from the body. 

Self care is the first and best care. Welcome! Come treat yourself to a remarkable experience.

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