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A smoothie is a beverage made by pureing ingredients in a blender. A smoothie commonly has a liquid base, such as fruit juice or milk, yogurt or ice cream. Other ingredients may be added, including fruits, vegetables, non-dairy milk, crushed ice, whey powder or nutritional supplements.

Keto Inspired Wraps

Instead, a soft, pliable is created using 3 main ingredients – almond flour, lupin flour and xanthan gum! The key to making these tortillas look and taste like a corn tortilla is the lupin flour. Lupin flour has a texture and flavor just like cornmeal but is high in fiber and low in carbs– perfect for a keto diet!

Fruit Juice

Fresh is not pasteurized and should be drank immediately. 100% fruit juice. Fruit juice containing 100% fruit or vegetables. It can be from one or multiple fruits. However, this label does not mean that the juice is not from the concentrate – so it is important to read the ingredients.

Keto Cooked Sushi

The only types of sushi that are naturally keto friendly are: Sashimi – Contains plain sliced fish (which is 0 grams of carbohydrate, both net and total). Naruto – Uses thin, rolled cucumber instead of rice. They are also naturally low in calories and high in fiber.

Keto Friendly Desserts

People watching their blood sugar need to manage their carbohydrate intake because carbs turn into glucose which, in large quantities, can cause spikes. Keto desserts are perfect since they won't elevate blood sugar levels, unlike regular sugar-laden desserts.

Cold Press Juice Shorts

Cold pressed juice is made by slowly grinding, squeezing and pressing fruit. There is minimal heat involved when juicing and the process squeezes out every last drop, leaving a more nutritious and flavoursome juice in comparison to your regular stuff on the shelf.

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